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FLY TRAP MAXITRAP UV (codes: 1007 and 1014)



An improved fly trap. Apart from the funnel on the base, it has three side holes through which some transparent cylindrical tubes are introduced towards the inside. The holes increase the airing and so the attracting capacity of the trap. The tubes make it difficult for the flies to come out and a greater number of trappings is achieved than with any other trap on the market. It is ideal for dry attractants. In this case, it is advisable to put some insecticide in the trap. .


Recommended for fruit fly(Ceratitis capitata) mass trapping and monitoring. Anyway, with the appropriate attractant it is also effective for other diptera like the olive fly (Bactrocera), the cherry fly (Rhagoletis), etc.

Mass trapping:

The average recommended density is 50 traps/ha. It can vary according to the crop and period of the year.


It is supplied in two types of packaging:

1- A 50-unit box with the cylindrical tubes in a separate bag (code 1007).

2- A 25-unit box with the cylindrical tubes already assembled (code 1014).

Probodelt also provides a placement service for the Maxitrap UV fly traps with the relevant attractant and insecticide, directly on the farmer’s land.

 Different parts of the Maxitrap UV fly trap are also sold separately.

In the case of any queries, contact the techniciansat PROBODELT

Covers UV:

They incorporate a treatment with a screen against ultraviolet radiation, which increases its durability in a considerable way. They are supplied with a hanger which makes it easier to put and remove the trap from any place of the tree.

Maxitrap UV   Maxitrap: ceratitis capitata

Other interesting information:

It is the BEST FLY TRAP on the market. Studies carried out by independent official bodies corroborate this:

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It has also been introduced at several fairs such as Expo Cit-Fresa in Cartaya 2008.

Probodelt are specialists in insect traps in flycatchers for fruit fly and pest control by mass trapping using pheromones, kairomones and food attractants