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If you cannot find the required pheromone or trap, don’t hesitate to contact PROBODELT, as we carry more articles than those included here. Below follows some other types of traps.

Different color chromatic plates

Yellow colour: Specially designed for diptera: fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), white fly, plant lice...

Blue color: Specially useful with thrips Frankliniella occidentalis).

Dimensions for both colours:

21x31 cm: Rigid plate, rubber coated on one side.

40x24,5 cm: More flexible, rubber coated on both sides.

Different colour Delta traps

Delta White: The most used for detecting lepidoptera like Prays spp, Euzophera spp, Grapholita molesta, Lobesia botrana...

Delta Green: It attracts codling moth (Cydia pomonella) in a special way.

Delta Transparent: Attraction is only influenced by the pheromone and not by colouring: more specific attraction.

Delta traps
It is possible to buy separately: rubber coated bases for all kinds of Delta traps.

Other traps

Other traps

1. Rhynchophorus trap: Trapping of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus or red palm weevil.

2. Tutatrap trap: Trapping of Tuta absoluta or tomato leaf miner.

3. White water trap with chromatic plate at the bottom: Monitoring of Lepidoptera and/or plant lice.

4. Chromatic light trap: Specially designed for Ostrinia and for use in hatcheries.

Please, contact us if you are interested in an item which is not in the catalog.

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Probodelt is a company specialized in insect traps, particularly fly traps for fruit flies, and in pest control by mass trapping with pheromones, kairomones and food attractants