# Probodelt





The Catalan public television channel TV3 broadcasts a report on the placement of the PROBODELT Amphos-Dacus Conetrap Pack in 20,000 ha of olive groves.

August 2015

PROBODELT will be the company responsible for the placing 400,000 Amphos-Dacus Conetrap Packs to control the olive fly over 20,000 ha of olive groves in the south of Catalonia.

June 2015

Approval of the exceptional authorisation to market plant health products manufactured using cypermethrin.

Junie 2015

PROBODELT has obtained the authorization from the Minister of Agriculture to conduct Good Experimental Practice Trials (GEP) with plant protection products.

November 2014

PROBODELT in collaboration with the Company Agro Spray Technic has registered its Pack Conetrap Ceratitis in Morocco.

October 2014

It marks over a year since Probodelt appointed a Product Manager for the Australian market.

August 2014

PROBODELT, under the ICEX-NEXT Program is studying the feasibility of introducing their products in Mexico.

March 2014
Probodelt is a company specialized in insect traps, particularly fly traps for fruit flies, and in pest control by mass trapping with pheromones, kairomones and food attractants