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Decembre 2014

Within the processes of continuous improvement, Probodelt SL presents a new version of the fly trap Hemitrap«.

HEMITRAP« is the fruit fly trap, specially designed for liquid attractants, that became commercially available in spring 2013.

This new version facilitates handling, with significant improvements for placing the side tubes as well as for the closure of the trap. It is available in two models, one of which is also new 2015:

Hemitrap« 2180: with side tubes 8 mm in diameter and a high efficiency for trapping fruit flies of the genera Bactrocera, Ceratitis, Dacus, Anastrepha, ů

Hemitrap« 2180-S: ¡¡NEW 2015!! with side tubes 8 mm in diameter that incorporate a small screen at the end of each tube that makes them specially selective for small fruit flies like Drosophila suzukii. In this way the number of beneficial insects trapped is significantly reduced.

New fly trap

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This trap is composed of four parts: :

(1) Galvanized wire hanger.

(2) Screw cover of transparent plastic material.

(3) Hemispherical base yellow-orange, with 3 side windows, made of plastic material.

(4) Three sets of seven lateral tubes yellow-orange, with an improved and innovative design, made of plastic material, that achieve very high and selective captures. These pieces are easily assembled to the side windows of the bucket.


May 2012

Within the process of continuous improvement of its products, PROBODELT launches CONETRAP, a folding fly trap ideal for capturing Ceratitis, Bactrocera, Rhagoletis, Anastrepha...

Fly trap Conetrap mounted

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As effective as MAXITRAP.

Ease of use. When folded, transport volume (2,000 units per m3) and transport costs are reduced.

Easy to assemble: 10 to 15 seconds per trap.

Ideal for use with dry attractants.Ceratis capitata (AMMONIUM ATTRACTANT CERATITIS) or Bactrocera oleae (ATTRACTANT AMPHOS-DACUS) ¡¡NEW 2014!!

Can be supplied assembled, with the attractant and the insecticide inside (Pack CONETRAP). This will reduce the costs of placement in the field (take the fly trap out of the box and hang it directly on the tree) and avoids handling of the diffusers.

Compatible with insecticide cover (Probodelt).


May 2012
Hanging traps

The Pack CONETRAP, very efficient and very easy to use, consists of:

Folding fly trap CONETRAP.


Insecticide inside.

Pack Conetrap
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Ready to use. It needs no handling: take the fly trap out of the shipping box and hang directly on the tree.

20 assembled units per box.

Probodelt is a company specialized in insect traps, particularly fly traps for fruit flies, and in pest control by mass trapping with pheromones, kairomones and food attractants