Ammonium Attractant Ceratitis


Food attractant of adults (specially females) for Ceratitis capitata. The components of the attractant (ammonium acetate, trimethylamine and diaminalkane) are contained in an packet with one breathable side. The main advantages are:

  • Its great effectiveness, specially in trapping females, which are responsible for damage to the fruit.
  • Its high persistence, with an effective life of 120 days (4 months), which makes it possible to: a) cover any fruit campaign perfectly well (even if it is extended in time for any reason) and b) place the fly traps enough in advance before the fruit becomes more receptive to the fly. With this, a lower population of pest is achieved when the fruit is most sensitive to Ceratitis capitata and the so frequent risk of failure in the control of pest due to late placing of the traps is reduced.
  • Its handling simplicity. Solid attractants are easier to handle than liquid ones. In addition, in this case, it is one single diffuser which is placed directly inside the trap.


Recommended for mass trapping and monitoring of the fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), and can be used with any of the following fly traps:

In both cases, it is necessary to place a packet of Ammonium Ceratitis Attractant in each fly trap. Additionally, it is necessary to use some kind of insecticide to eliminate the trapped flies, which could be the Probodelt insecticide cover or the DDVP insecticide tablet placed inside the fly traps.

It is recommended to install the fly traps on site around 45 days before the fruit matures, and not remove them until the fruit is harvested and any remains of the crop have been removed.

Mass trapping:

The density of the traps for mass trapping depends on the crop type, pest density and whether the surface to be treated is more or less continuously cultivated. In any case, the general recommendations are as follows:

  • Citric, apple or pear crops………… 40-50 traps/ha.
  • Stone fruit crops……………………..70-80 traps/ha.
  • Monitoring………………………………2-4 traps/ha.

In the case of any queries, contact the technicians at PROBODELT.


Can be supplied in two different formats

  • Boxes of 25 units.
  • Single packages.

Tests market different attractants:

List and conclusions of the tests carried out by Official Bodies with the attractant, which endorse our data: REPORT TESTS ATTRACTANT PUBLIC BODIES. This is the way we have introduced it at different fairs like Cit-Fresa 2008 in Cartaya (view poster).

  • Tables tests attractant Ceratitis

Compatible with integrated and ecological production