Insecticide Cover


PROBODELT already has an alternative to Diclorvos. It consists of a contact insecticide applied to the inner side of the cover of fly traps.

This system will make it possible to use the mass trapping technique, even if the use of Diclorvos is forbidden. It should be noted that this technique is the most efficient for controlling Ceratitis capitata.

It is compatible with Probodelt’s models Fly trap Maxitrap (code 2038), Folding fly trap Conetrap (code 2037) and Fruit fly trap hemitrap, which are the traps that can achieve the greatest number of trappings among all the existing ones on the market.

The results of the tests carried out during the past few years by the Plant Protection Services of the Autonomous Communities and by the production companies, invariably show a significant improvement in the effectiveness of contact insecticide applied to the inside of the lid relative to Diclorvos.


No added costs for placing and removing. It is as simple as replacing the cover from the previous year for a new one with built-in insecticide. Only open the cover in order to replace the attractant. The used-up covers will be collected by an authorized company. The persistence on the field lasts for more than four months.

Highly selective:

It does not affect the useful fauna, only fly adults which come into the trap and move towards the upper transparent part.

In some cases, it has been detected that ants eat dead adults inside the trap without being affected by the insecticide in the trap.

Compatible with integrated and ecological production