Bactrocera Mass Trapping

In 2014, PROBODELT developed a dry attractant specifically for the olive fly, Amphos-Dacus, which has a high persistence in the field, and which greatly aids in the mass trapping of the Bactrocera Oleae.

In 2014, together with the ADV (Group for the Protection of Plant Life) for the control of the olive fly in Baix Ebre and Montsiá, and with the Plant Life Healthcare Service of the Generalitat of Catalonia, a study was performed on 1,000 ha of olive groves which compared the effectiveness of crop dusting (now banned by the EU) with that of the Amphos-Dacus Conetrap Pack, at a density of 10 traps/ha and 20 traps/ha. Test results were satisfactory, given that the zone with a density of 20 traps/ha had less damage than the area treated by crop dusting.

After this success in 2014, in 2015 PROBODELT carried out the mass trapping of 20,000 ha of olive groves in the south of Catalonia

  • Product used: Pack Conetrap Amphos-Dacus
  • Dosage depending on surface area:
    • 0-10 ha…..40-80 traps/ha.
    • 10-200 ha..20-40 traps/ha.
    • >200 ha…..10-20 traps/ha.
  • Placement: During June or July
  • Pest level assessment: Continuous, monitoring traps, and evaluation of damaged fruit.
  • Removal: In June or July of the following year, during the placement of the new fly traps

Compatible with integrated and ecological production