Funnel Trap Barrier


Classic trap, funnel-like (see description of FUNNEL TRAP), with a barrier (triple blade) between the cover and the funnel. This barrier is especially designed to trap little coleoptera like the bark beetle. In addition, it is also useful for trapping lepidoptera.

Anchoring systems:

The same as with Funnel trap we have two anchoring systems for the trap:

  • TREE (code 0065): It supplies with a holder which allows hanging the trap from different diameter branches.
  • GROUND (code 0174): It supplies with a holder designed for the trap to remain fixed to the ground by a mast of PVC or bamboo cane.


  • The support of PVC, more durable, is supplied for heights of 50 cm (code 0175) and 100 cm (code 0176).
  • The support cane bamboo, cheaper and lighter, is supplied for heights of 60 cm (code 0177), 90 cm (code 0178) and 150 cm (code 0179).


Especially appropriate for monitoring and mass trapping of a great variety of horticultural coleoptera like Phylloperta horticola or white worm from the orchard Agriotis spp… and forest pests like Ips spp, Tomicus piniperda, Hylurgus ligniperda, Scolytus multistriatus, etc.

Density of traps for mass trapping:

Variable according to species and crop or forest mass. As a general rule, they can be placed every 40 or 50 meters in a regular way (5-10/ha).

Compatible with integral and ecological production