Fly trap Eco-Trap


Eco-friendly trap-bait for control of olive tree fly (Batrocera oleae). It consists of a 15×20 cm green cardboard wrapping with ammoniun bicarbonate (food attractant), externally impregnated with Deltamethrin (insecticide). In order to increase its attraction power, it comes along with a dispenser with a sexual pheromone. It is based on the “attract and kill” method without the need of fly traps: flies lie onto the trap and shortly afterwards, they die.

  • Compatible with the eco-friendly European production.
  • Do not apply on fruit. It does not leave waste and it uses little doses of insecticide of very low environmental impact.


ECO-TRAP is supplied in boxes of 100 traps plus bait.


It works very well in a preventive way and in areas with a medium level of plague. It has to be placed at the onset of the olive bone hardening (mid-June), at the rate of:

  • 1 unit/tree, for very big trees, from 100 to 150 trees/ha.
  • 1 unit every 2 trees, for plantation densities from 200 to 400 trees/ha.
  • 1 unit every 3-4 trees, for plantation densities from 600 to 800 trees/ha.

Reinforcement units may be necessary by the end of August if high levels of plague are detected.

If you have any questions about the units to be used or other queries, ask the technicians at PROBODELT.

Instructions for use:

For activation of ECO-TRAP, the bag must be perforated as well as the upper part of the pheromone capsule with a wire of approximately 1 mm diameter.

  • The same wire will be used to hold the pheromone on the ECO-TRAP and at the same, to hang the whole set from an interior branch, mid-way to the top, in a shady position, free from contact with leaves and branches.
  • Do not remove the ECO-TRAP until the end of the olive harvest.

Other interesting information:

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Compatible with integrated and ecological production